What is an SEO Audit?

SEO Audit

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and SEO audit helps you figure out your web presence using the best practices. With a credible SEO audit, you would be able to increase your performance in the world of digital marketing and increase your online presence, helping you generate quality leads, increase website traffic and all-in-all reach customers and viewers no matter where they are. SEO audit helps you realize where you stand in the search engine ranking and how you could improve it and attract viewers and increase brand awareness.

A thorough SEO audit helps you reveal your competitors’ insights and provides you with better knowledge about your website’s structure, performance, and overall traffic. SEO audit is a reliable way to find out any content gap, whether there are issues with user experience or not, the website interface, potential off-site and on-page SEO problems. If you want your website to perform efficiently in the long run, conducting frequent SEO audits is a must.

SEO Audit Checklist

Track Your Website’s Performance:

With the help of Google Analytics tracking code, you can analyze the performance of your website. On a page on your website which does not have any tracking code, you will be unable to see the number of visitors to your page, purchases made, and metrics indicating the overall performance of your site based on weeks, months, and years. With Google Analytics, you could quickly view the pages and more under one roof.

Focusing On The Right Keywords:

For SEO, keywords play a vital role. When you are conducting an SEO audit, you must pay attention to the keywords you wish to target. Focus on the keywords you have been using on your site; remember, long-tail keywords assist you in ranking higher and generating more leads. When you have only one or two-word keywords, you might have to work on your strategy as to how you wish to represent your site. Try integrating long-tail keywords in the title, meta description, and follow-up pages.

Page Speed:

For search engines like Google, page speed factors in a lot. If your website takes a lot of time to load, you will be losing customers rapidly as viewers hate slow-loading pages. People will leave your page, and Google will rank your site lower if your page is not fast enough, as Google wants users to always have a positive experience.

With the assistance of Google PageSpeed Insights, check the speed of your site and figure out where you need to make improvements. Again, there are so many page speed services available from various digital marketing firms.

Indexed Pages:

In 2022, what you should focus primarily on is ensuring Google is not blocking your site as it would be harmful to your brand. Indexing site pages is crucial; otherwise, you will not appear on the search result or rank at the top. With Google Search Console, you can check your page’s index status.

Smartphone compatibility:

Smartphones are an integral part of everyone’s lives now. Whether it is looking for a nearby café or shopping online for groceries, whether looking for a dental clinic or reading reviews about a hotel, smartphones have become indispensable now.

It is vital that you optimize your website because more than half of the consumers rely on their smartphones to purchase anything from any digital platform. A responsive design is the easiest way to make your site mobile compatible, creating a positive experience for your users.

Prioritize Security And Safety:

Securing your site properly is essential as cases of cyber security and malware attacks are increasing every day. People will never enter your site if you cannot provide them with a safe pathway and where their personal information would be at risk. Google will also not give you a rank if your site is not secure. Make sure the site is HTTPS encrypted. As long as you have it, the audience will trust your site, and Google will give you a rank.


To secure your position in the industry, you need to first figure out where your competitors stand and their online presence. If your competitors are using the same long-tail keyword, then rethink your strategy and focus on keywords that will make you stand out yet generate leads for you.


Content matters a great deal when trying to outrank your competitors. Quality matters a great deal rather than quantity when it comes to content- written, audio and video. Gain feedback from your audience regarding the kind of content they are looking for and try to deliver that.

For a business, trying to grow online, not analyzing or conducting an SEO audit could prove to be disastrous. Keep your site in top condition by conducting SEO audits and following this checklist.

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